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Welcome to my web site and blog.  My web site will introduce you to the novels I have published, and my blog will let you see what I'm doing and what's spinning around in my brain.  I hope you enjoy!

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Dan Arrow and the New World Order


Dan Arrow reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Mona to find the killer of his client.  The case takes them into deep underground military bases and uncovers an unexpected intergalactic plot.

Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon


Dan Arrow and Mona travel to the moon to find Mona's hybrid daughter, stolen from her by a reptilian who hopes to rule the world.  They find more than they bargained for.

Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian


Dan travels to the Bohemian Grove to find the true identity of the man who's selling opportunities to be born again.  What he finds is a brush with death and Mona needs to save him.

Dan Arrow and the Black Knight


Dan travels into the future to find his true love, only to discover that she has remarried after his death.  He must find a way to save himself and the world from the plans of a madman. 

It is best to read my Dan Arrow novels in this order


I introduce real conspiracy theories in each novel, building from the first novel to the last.  All my novels are available in print and eBook formats from your favorite booksellers..

Current Writing: A Historical Novel


 The Wejuk

Based upon the exploits of Major Robert Rogers in the 1750's, this romance intertwines incidents reported by early Vermont settlers.

About Ed Baker


By the time I was 12, I had crossed the United States three times.  And at ripe old age of 16, I drove a stick shift Ford across the USA, following my dad, who was pulling a small camping trailer behind the family station wagon.

Early Writing

 I completed my first novella, Chinook, as a young man  but did not publish it.  After retirement, I completed The Ballads of Black Creek within the first three months at home, and The Holler Dawgs within the second six months.

Published Novels

Dan Arrow and the New World Order

Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon

Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed     Ophidian

Dan Arrow and the Black Knight

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