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I saw my first UFO’s while camping out at Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse, NY.  I saw my second while living on the beach at Emerald Isle in North Carolina, back when it was still a wild and undeveloped stretch of dunes.  The Dan Arrow series is based on conspiracy theory lore, combining the UFO mystery with national and international politics and the rumored agenda of the legendary New World Order.  These are fun books to write because they permit me to delve into stuff that all winds together into a fabric offering many clandestine possibilities. The first three novels in the series are now available in both print and eBook formats thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Black Opal Books.  The fourth should be released sometime around the December holidays.  I hope you enjoy them!

My Community

I love to interact with other writers.  And, I am also available to make presentations about my novels or the themes that flow through them.  For example, I recently gave a presentation to the Saratoga Romance Writers of America:  Integrating Conspiracy Theory into  Novels

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Please feel free to send me comments about my novels, including suggestions for future novels and/or subplots that you'd like to see..